Monday, April 27, 2009

Everyone gears up for the Easter egg hunt! From left: Uncle Cole, Grandma Jan with Shaylyn, Bryson, Madelyn, Allie, Brandon, Ashlynn, Grandpa Brandon with Luke, Kaitlyn.
Seriously, could he be any cuter? I realize I post more pictures of Allie since she's always on the go. But Luke watches her closely and he's learning her tricks...and some of his own, too! He's sitting up, a little. But he's so darn excitable, that he flips and flops all over the place. It's hilarious! Basically, he's happiest when I'm holding him and Dan and/or Allie entertain him with silly antics! He's a sweet and very good little boy....we're so blessed!

The exersaucer is fun and all, but I know Luke wishes it had wheels, like the walkers in the good ol' days!

Well, you can't really tell, but Luke is wearing an outfit that used to belong to Dan. I love him in Dan's baby clothes, he's darling! The joke, of course, is that Luke is wearing the clothes right now that Dan wore when he was 2!

This little rocker was Grandma Brenda's and we treasure it! Both Allie and Luke really love it!


Our Family said...

We are loving all of your pictures! I wish I could comment on them all individually! What beautiful scenery and beautiful kids! It's so fun to keep up in the world of photos!
Love to you all!

Stephanie said...

Great post Kristen. I love all the pictures. The kids are absolutely adorable.