Monday, April 27, 2009

Allie was so thrilled with this Easter bunny sugar cookie we made together. She'd been waiting all day long to enjoy it! And it didn't last long!
Here's Allie hunting on Easter Sunday up at my parents' place.

Luke was so happy playing with all of these colorful eggs...he was actually even happier just watching Allie dash around at the egg hunt.

Allie fills up her basket within seconds at the neighborhood hunt. It's mayhem for about, oh, 10 seconds, and then it's done. It's quite a sight!

Allie opened up one of the eggs and screamed with delight, "Oh my gosh, a coughdrop (actually it was a hard strawberry candy)! How did the Easter bunny know we liked these? But I can't have it, you can have it, Mommy." It was priceless....

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