Monday, April 27, 2009

Bryson is so silly.... Allie could laugh at him all day long. He loves making silly faces for her and she just laughs and laughs. The kids have always enjoyed pulling this bench out right in front of the cozy fire....whenever we visit, it's out and the kids always enjoy their snacks together on the bench! She adores her cousins and talks about them day after day after day after we see them.

Allie thinks flipping up and over the back of the couch is the best game ever! She even started giving her flips names, thanks to Grandpa!

Another favorite activity: rock climbing! We were surprised (and alarmed!) though when we saw her climb this boulder in her saltwater sandals and Easter dress. We helped her down right away!

Allie loves jumping off the picnic table ....over and over and over again! And apparently even an Easter dress is not going to stop her! She has always been a climber and a jumper, so we're glad we have her back in gymnastics this spring!

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