Sunday, May 31, 2009

Grandpa and Luke enjoy cuddling...and from here Luke can stare away at the ceiling fan, he's mesmerized by it!

Really, Mom, do you expect me to eat this?!

So, Luke hates food. Seriously hates it. Baby food that is. We've tried a variety of things and he makes the most disgusted little faces. Such torture! Luckily Allie is always right there to say, "Oh, looks like he doesn't like it..." and then she'll usually polish it off.
Really, Mom, you expect me to eat this?!

Dan was away for the night, so I took the kids up to Grandma and Grandpa Eaton's for a sleepover. They had the best time...Grandpa and Allie kicked and splashed in the hottub, Allie filled measuring cups with her favorite treats (m&ms), and she invented a new game called "big ball ~ little ball" up on the pool table!

And after non-stop fun, she finally cuddled up sweetly and fell asleep to tickles. Very typical for Allie.

Luke is such a plump little man! We had to take the cozy, fuzzy lining out of the carseat because, as you can see, there's just not much wiggle room for him and the thick blankey!

Luke is now sitting up all by himself and puts his hands down to steady himself. He's very pleased with this! He did this at 6 months, but now he's already pulling himself up to a standing position every chance he gets. He just pops up on those sturdy rolly-poly legs! And we can't believe he's trying to finger walk already! He can spin in circles on his tummy, but only counterclockwise. You can just see how determined he is....and just how busy he is!

Luke puts everything (EVERYTHING!) in his mouth. Especially other people's fingers, like his Grandma Jan's!