Sunday, May 31, 2009

Grandpa and Luke enjoy cuddling...and from here Luke can stare away at the ceiling fan, he's mesmerized by it!

Really, Mom, do you expect me to eat this?!

So, Luke hates food. Seriously hates it. Baby food that is. We've tried a variety of things and he makes the most disgusted little faces. Such torture! Luckily Allie is always right there to say, "Oh, looks like he doesn't like it..." and then she'll usually polish it off.
Really, Mom, you expect me to eat this?!

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Our Family said...

CUTE CUTE BABY! We love all the updates that we get to enjoy now! I love that Allie finishes off Luke's baby food...Addie does the same thing! So funny! What a cute little family you have!